on cloud computing … real clouds … and business value

recently a woman in iowa took a photo that sparked the push for a new cloud type.  this got me thinking about the current buzz in the enterprise technology world … cloud computing. 

there is scarcely a corner in the tech world where you dont find a vendor with ‘cloud’ hastily scribbled into the storefront in fresh chalk … hoping to attract your attention and wallet-share.  then there are those that sprouted into business under the promise of a new cloud. 

soon enough, there came many different types of cloud … from private-clouds, to iron-clouds, to personal-clouds … the list goes on.  coming up with new tech cloud types and sub-types seems to be as easy as spotting clouds in the sky. or, so it seems.

except that new cloud types are not named as commonly as we see in the tech world.  the last time a major cloud type was named was 1951.  and despite all the very different types of clouds we might come upon, there are not as many new ‘types’ declared as commonly as the tech world …

this brings me to my staple diet of …

3 obvious ideas:

a. create value hand-in-hand with conveying it: it is imperative that the technology world create new value before going about creating new types and sub-types to convey value.  a new cloud type hasnt been declared since 1951.  maybe, just maybe if there was a market for these we would have had a 1000 more types …

b. buzzwords + flavors deprecate IT value: business decision makers and buyers tend to gloss over when they see freshly scribbled chalkmarks carrying the latest buzzwords .. why dont we do a better job of quantifying real measurable business value with the same gusto with which we create new buzzwords?

c. appreciating nature: i like the idea of the cloud apprecation society.  maybe, just occassionally, we should all step away from the keyboards and clouds to step out in the real world … and spot some real clouds.  maybe, just maybe, we might actually find a real new cloud category … like the lady from iowa.


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