kellogg emba … a seamless tapestry

i continue to be amazed by the alignment between the kellogg emba courses.  we are currently studying finance, statistics and economics: the core analytical portion of the program.  turns out that a concept introduced in finance, is soon referenced in statistics … and later further in economics.  the hand-offs are so seamless and natural, it makes for a truly integrated learning experience.

the courses continue to be aligned towards the need of a general manager or business executive who needs to work with the solid intuition underlying these topics.  so, it turns out to be a real meaningful journey going beyond the mechanics, which are much easier to teach and learn (by rote!). 

prof. raviv’s model of introduing an intuition, demonstrating it through a ‘toy example’, highlighting a current industry perspective and finally handing over to the teaching assistant for the mechanics … is truly a remarkable one.

prof. weber and prof. vohra continue to bring the richest insights, what with the latter interlacing his commentary with british wit, shaken but not stirred.

3 obviousideas: the kellogg emba is for you if …

1. you want to get a solid foundation and intuition, through a combination of thought-provoking discussion, probing inquiry and off-line reading

2. you are comfortable learning the mechanics as you go along and are not looking purely for a mathematical experience

3. you enjoy learning through teams that will stay together for the duration of the program

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