golf gone wild … the john daly experiment

what an interesting collision of color.  to put it mildly. 

check out:,159883

you will note that i put the complete URL in there sans editorial commentary on the choice of words therein.  notice the ‘h’ word?

i could not but help imagine a parallel with organization transformation + communication.  often when leading change, we struggle to find new ways to connect and communicate with our target audience.  we look for ways to make a difference, stand out amongst the crowd … and be remembered.

what better way than to put on a pair of golf pants that look different?  seriously.

3 obviousideas

1. creative compulsion: if no color can be too loud on the golf course … no message can be too creative for the workforce.  look for a particularly distinct way for your message to stand out.  break the habit and do something different … so people notice. 

2. comfortable confidence: notice the cool confident smile that daly carries with him.  in fact when you make a creative impact, it is imperative to look more confident than you normally appear.  you cannot fake creativity, you might as well live it up!

3. make your message meaningful: of course, all flash and no stash is useless.  make sure that creativity + confidence are catalysts to deliver a deeper message.  make it synchronize with the enablers.  however, do have a message.  do have a message.  have a message.   a message.  message.

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