innovation @ the speed of … oh, waIT! has an interesting piece by mark johnson from innosight where he suggests that IT must play a role if a company is reinventing itself.

his charge to the world @ large is that ceo’s must think about the role of the cio in business model reinvention.  also, cio’s need to think about the business model taking a business perspective and work with the heads of marketing or biz dev to address opportunities early on…

very timely insights and counsel … more so during this time in our economy when cio’s are facing economic pressures they must make sure that they dont cut back on support for ideation and innovation … even if payoffs dont appear to sit on the quarterly horizon.

3 obviousideas:

a. directionally: think industry first, inside next.  it is alluringly easy to get caught in the trap of internal policies, processes and practices … and end up losing sight of where we are going  … and where others are headed.

b. organizationally: cio’s must have a dedicated internal consulting and advisory practice which is not linked to ‘billable hour’ targets.  take away their time-sheets and chargeback mechanics … give them a healthy business development budget (read: lunch / dinner / golf) and let them interface and interact with your internal customers.

b. practically: dont let IT governance models like project portfolio management process / systems / tools  come in the way of true innovation.  remember, your competition could be innovating and executing at a much faster speed with the benefit of light-weight governance.  you dont want to get killed by your seatbelt, do you?  yes, a rough analogy …

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