dont blog to me … talk to me

feels like the rush of the “.com” days.  suddenly everyone wants to blog … or talk about blogging.  i find it curiously ironic that as we jump on the blog and twitter bandwagon, we seemed to have moved away from conversation … yes, true real world conversations.  like the ones we used to have.

at most major conferences, you see droves of folks twittering away on their mobile devices, scarcely paying attention to the event unfolding around them.  i fear that the lure for digital glory will make us all monotonous being communicating to ourselves, about ourselves, for ourselves.  what a perverse abstraction of the definition of democracy … for / of / by the people.

3 obviousideas:

a. let us not forget the art of connection + conversation.  it starts with the human element. p2p anyone?

b. digital media is an enabler, let us not get disabled by shrt msgs abt 2day … and lose sight of our vision … where do we want to do?

c. what will come next?  we have emailed / chatted / blogged / twittered / sms’d / … what will we do next?  will we go back to little digital villages cohabitated by like-minded folks and thus lose the rich diversity that a community of the commons offers.

would love to hear your thoughts!

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