boston young entrepreneurs

what an enjoyable opportunity to sit on a panel of judges to provide feedback to … 8th graders and sophomores who were pitching real business plans.  the confidence and enthusiasm of these youngsters was truly inspiring. 

5 different teams came up to present to our panel, which had a mix of venture capital, legal, corporate and entrepreneurial players.  from cloud computing, to battery powered bikes and DIY HDTV and a new music streaming service, it was an evening where we on the panel learned as much as we hope the presenters did from our feedback.

3 obviousideas:

a. given an encouraging environment, even 8th graders can confidently aspire to be COO’s of real ventures with a real business model.  wow!

b.  innovation can spring from the fertile minds of youngsters, so let us find ways to get them a seat at the table to ponder upon some of the ‘big’ problems. 

c. the future of entrepreneurship is strong and can only get better!


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