mit sloan cio symposium planning meeting … what an evening!

the 6th annual mit sloan cio symposium will convene on may 20 in cambridge on the hallowed lands of mit … it promises to be a dynamic day with ceo’s, cio’s, analysts, faculty and practitioners.

it is amazing to note what a 100% volunteer team has managed to execute.  the planning event earlier today had its usual mix of friendly folks + fine food + fun.  graham rong + chris reichert are leading an amazingly talented team between sponsorship, marketing, logistics, web, partnerships and more.

3 obviousideas:

a. if you are a cio, do not miss this event.   it is a unique opportunity for a mind-meld with like-minded professionals that care about delivering business value through information technology.

b. if you are not a cio, show up to find out what your cio cares about.  get a sneak peek into what the future of business technology might look like and figure out what you’d like to do about it today.

c. if you are still not sure why you should go… check out and see who is coming !  at a minimum, the rich conversations + connections will make the hike to mit worth the while.

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