conveying ur msg … the kurt busch way!

the victory lap that kurt busch did after winning the kobalt 500 yesterday was something nascar fans (and others) will be talking for a long time.  contrary to tradition, kurt went around the track in reverse!

miller lite must have been double happy … with the victory and the image of their logo going around the race track in a completely unconventional manner

3 obviousideas:

a.  it aint over till the fast car goes in reverse.  reserve the unexpected for the final flourish … and your messages will stick.

b. break the rules, but stick to the road.  lets make sure our messages are in synch with the overall brand and identity.  break the rules within that … so you dont end up confusing your customer.

c. … i dont have a 3rd point to make … so, will you remember this unexpected finish?  oh, well … i tried!

what say ye marketing mavens?

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