daytona 500 … the big brand race

“gentlemen, start your engines” … 60 seconds ago, the nascar’s 60th season began with the start of the daytona 500.  it was a good sign to see a lot of familiar brands plastered all over race suits, cars, helmets et al.  yes, due to the severe crunch in the economy we did see the famed petty enterprises shut shop because it lost the cheerios sponsorship.  on the other extreme is rick hendrick with an all-star cast of 3 time defending champion jimmie johnson, mark martin, and the popular dale earnhardt jr. (voted favorite driver by fans 6 years in a row!)

i believe that the nascar brand will continue to grow … because it offers a rare opportunity for us to escape from the gloom ‘n doom we call the ‘economy’.  this is the time for brands to continue to buy in to opportunities with fast-paced sports that offer a heady mix of entertainment and excitement.  can you imagine another opportunity where you hold an audience in rapt attention for 4 hours where the most visible signal of the sport is the slew of brands on your tv screen! (for us couch fans).  for those on site, multiply that exposure by 100x.

yes there is the risk of a “stewart-moment” when tony stewart & ryan newman blame the famed goodyear brand for a couple of crashes.  sad reality of high speed racing, but is the tony stewart brand bigger than the goodyear brand?  or the nascar brand?

putting that risk aside… and the chance that your nameplate could get a few high-speed scruffs during play, i say go nascar!

what do you think?  490 miles to go… under 4 hours… shall we see more brands in play?  hang on, just got the first caution … and the brands painted on the car are just fine 🙂

sai at obviousideas dot com

    • MinRobs
    • February 15th, 2009

    In an economic crunch NASCAR should be the last place a company pulls their sponsorship. NASCAR and branding go hand-in-hand. Thank goodness for NASCAR!

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