blogging … finding the balance between yin and yang

i was cabpooling with 3 other classmates from Kellogg last night and we had an interesting conversation about social network sites.  seems that the notion of individual privacy has been completely sacrificed at the altar of e-fame and e-connection.  “how much is too much information?”, we pondered.  why should the whole world know what you are trip-it’ing?  and what keeps ‘contacts’ connected?

one vowed to take off his trip-it information.  another said she would check out twitter.  while the third said helped him connect with all his friends and family in real time, almost like he was with them.  talk about the power of multi-presence.  interesting.

they saw former illinois gov blagojevich at o’hare signing autographed mugshots.  oh, ok, photographs of himself. i saw him after the deed, thankfully.  guess what? one of ’em blogged about it on his iPhone and started getting comments right away.

you noticed i didnt name my classmates from kellogg.   they happen to be very nice people that waited close to an hour for my flight to land… so we could cab pool together.  looks like i’ve unveiled the cloak of privacy a li’lle bit and told you about our connections and what we were doing … but sans their names etc..

did i just find the balance between yin and yang?

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