social media in corporate walls … how bounded can unbounded be?

to be or not to be, that is the question.  or, simply put, can the tiger really be tamed?

social media promises to bring back the “human” in “human resources”… and in turn enable these “resources” to be more “resourceful” to their respective organizations.  with an interesting confluence in generations and world views in the modern workplace, introduction of new channels is bound to cause ripples, if not waves.  how do we build boats that are strong enough to stay afloat yet nimble enougth to turn on a dime?

we cannot ignore social media.  it is here to stay.  “to be or not to be” is not even the question.  with thousands of micro-channels for employees to share their news and views, would we rather not have them crowd together in known environs, bound by self-protecting norms?  i.e., yam on yammer than yap on an anonymous site?  “ugh” i say to those that attempt to go nameless and faceless … where is the “social” part?

turns out that the debate is “not quite elementary”.  there are obvious legal and organizational bounds to keep in mind.  social media cannot become the excuse of a soapbox for one and all to proclaim their deepest passions.

how is this for a narrative guideline?  “dont post anything that would not want quoted on the wall street journal, cited by your competition, or read by your grandmother causing her to turn beet red” … fair enough for starters?

what do you think? remember… we are in lowercase land!

sai at obviousideas dot com

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