$100,000 a second … for superbowl ad honors (or not)

at a time when we have almost become numb to the news of 1000’s of hardworking people being laid off due to economic reasons, which companies have the stomach to spend $100,000 a second for a Superbowl ad?

obviously, some do and others question it

for the 5th consecutive year, students at kellogg will be watching the ads and reviewing it as part of the kellogg school of management superbowl advertising review.  prof tim calkins and prof derek rucker will lead the review.  darn!  i missed the kellogg emba orientation where prof rucker led a session.  what would that have been worth?!

but i digress.  check out their wordpress blog.  prof calkins has some extremely thought provoking and insightful posts.

i say, create a quarterly event on television with a comparable mass media draw … and now we are talking the ability to move entire markets through the power of regular messages that cumulatively build on each other.  a year is too long to have to wait for the superbowl ads. 

sai nagarajan


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