strategic role of packaging … in consumer goods (and minds)

  • a triangular toblerone inspired by … a swiss mountain (bye bye flat chocolate) = supporting product differentiation
  • a narrow tubular can of red bull … with 3x margins compared to the ale-in-red (someone say coke?) = reinforcing concept differentiation
  • an iconic symbol of a coke (ok,  so they are doing something right :)) … = creating brand differentiation

so, is packaging strategic?  what do you think?

andrea martini, gm (president), british american tobacco (mexico) held up spell bound in a captivating hour … playing executive, educator and entertainer … convincing us that packaging plays a strategic role in establishing brand identity and is not something to be delegated to the “assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the brand manager”. 

through a passionate and powerful exposition of first principles combined with *real world product samples*, we came away with a much deeper appreciation and respect for the strategic role of product packaging.

sai at obviousideas dot com

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