social media soup … just it

twitter … jaiku … tumblr … hi5 … plurk … plaxo … bebo … xanga … utterli … imeem … yammer … rejaw … koomk

and of course the ‘old guard’ of linkedin … facebook … yahoo360 …

how do you keep track of all this? is an aggregation service that makes it easy for you to send your updates to one place,, and let it take care of updating all those social media sites where hordes of your followers eagerly await with bated breath the minute-2-minute updates on your life … so goes the social media bug … leaving in its wake a sea of smitten followers … each following the other … connecting us in ways that we didnt know we could back in the stone ages of the internet (circa 2000/1?)

enjoy, and yes, i will be there soon …

sai nagarajan

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